The Benefits of Massage are Numerous and Undeniable!

The Benefits of Massage are Numerous and Undeniable!

The Benefits of Massage are Numerous and Undeniable!

Medical massage, relaxation massage, sports massage, pregnancy massage, deep tissue, hot stone…so many different categories in this world of bodywork.

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Although most people have always agreed that massage feels wonderful and is a lovely treat, in the last few years multiple studies have proven that massage offers incredible benefits that include but are not limited too:

        • boosts immune function in women with breast cancer
        • improves asthma symptoms in children
        • premature and low birth weight babies gained weight faster when receiving massage
        • increase grip strength Carpal Tunnel Syndrome patients
        • relieves lower back pain so much that the American College of Physicians and the American Pain Society recommend it
        • a 45 minute massage reduces the level of cortisol, a stress hormone and INCREASES white blood cells to fight infection!

The key to achieving the maximum benefits of massage is to receive it on a regular basis. For Seattle massage clients, Spa Noir offers packages that allow you to save up to 20%, plus I have found when clients make the upfront investment, they are more apt to stay committed. The Spa Noir massage menu offers massage in time increments instead of specific types. We do this because many times a client may need a customized blend of a few different modalities such as deep tissue on the legs and Swedish on the back. It also allows a client and therapist to work together, making the most of their service.

Massage for all!




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