“Spa Noir is the first place I go when I need a break – from a long week at work, after traveling, or simply to escape bad weather, a visit to Spa Noir makes me feel warm, healthy, and cared for.”
– JV


“After a long and challenging move across the country, I arrived in Seattle in dire need of some care. After a quick search I came across Spa Noir and decided to try them out for a facial. From the moment I walked in, I was surrounded by warmth and care. Jessica Norton, the spa’s owner, took care of me that day, about eleven years ago now. Since then, I have returned to Spa Noir almost every month. Jessica’s work is impeccable. She has a deep knowledge of skin care. She is also intelligent, thoughtful, and generous. Her staff is equally attentive, whether you are walking into the spa, or calling to book an appointment. I return frequently to Spa Noir, for facials, massages, body wraps, and more. Over the past several years in particular, navigating life at home and at work has been stressful and I often arrive tense, sometimes even thinking I don’t really have time to enjoy a massage or a facial. But invariably, I am lighter, breathing more calmly, and feeling renewed and reenergized after my time at Spa Noir. I can’t imagine going anywhere else.”


“I had run out of all my cremes and was in a stressful spot in life. I finally made time and went in to see the owner Jessica for an eyebrow tint and a facial— and I left feeling, honestly, like a different person. The next morning, when I was using my newly purchased Eminence products and loving the feel but also the SMELL (aromatherapy is real, I guess!) I truly felt better than the day prior. The jawline and the scalp/head massage Jess gave made my whole body feel more energized and my neck more relaxed.  The arch of my brows was just more elegant and I looked more awake. Every time I leave Spa Noir I have a little happiness cloud that follows me around for a few days. I’m always so glad I went and wonder why I don’t go more frequently. Thank you! xo”
– Cat


“The BEST facial and massage! Ever Ever! My skin is glowing, literally, I had at least 5 different compliments afterwards. It’s always fun to be able to share the incredible Spa Noir with people! Everyone needs to have a facial, it is life changing. Jessica, the owner, is my favorite. However, the expertise of all employees is exceptional. I will be a regular every few months. It’s that necessary.”
– BN


“Spa Noir has been my go to for facials, skin care, emergency blemish obliteration & simply pampering away the Seattle winter doldrums for about a decade now. Jessica & her team are fantastic and the hip Belltown location has serious Seattle vibes complete with a neighboring whiskey bar. Most important, though – The Spa Noir team keeps me getting carded wellllll past my 21st year. Like way past.”


“I have been to Spa Noir several times for various treatments. I have always been enthusiastically greeted by the front desk associate. I loved my sessions with Jessica, the lovely owner of the spa. I am constantly impressed with the array of amazing products they use and sell. This spa is unique in their vision and stay true to who they are. Thank you for always making me feel welcomed and well taken care of! ”
– A.F.


“This is based off years of appointments at Spa Noir, One thing I will start with is that they have consistently impressed me with their aesthetic, and consistently won my repeat business with their awesome customer service. I absolutely adore Spa Noir and staff! I’ve gone elsewhere in the past and nothing can compare to quality, and experience. They always seem to focus on aesthetic and ensure their customers are cozy. I’d rate them as 100 per cent exceeding expectations and hands down, the best place to go in the city. ”
– R.P.


“I am absolutely in love with this place and the people who help run it. I planned a bachelorette event and they accommodated us so well!  We had absolutely NO hiccups. They let me in earlier than our schedule party was set to start so I could decorate before the bride arrived and the rest of the plan went smoothly. All the girls got their requested treatments AND loved them! Thank you so much for providing such a beautiful time for all of us. Highly recommend! ”
– M.M.


“I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this place! Jessica, the owner, is the most welcoming and involved owner of a small business I have ever come across, and I look forward to seeing her every other week for my  regular nail appointment. The staff is also very hospitable, always offering water, tea or other refreshments and they make a point of getting to know you and greet you on a first name basis. Very clean  establishment too, and they always have a ton of awesome nail color to pick from and they always have the latest seasonal colors available too. I also get my pedicures done here along with my facials and dying my eyebrows and eyelashes. Excellent consulting for all of these different services, and the best I have ever had as well. I will never go to any places in Seattle, Spa Noir is the best and the only place for me!”
–Kelsey W.


“I am a long-time client at Spa Noir, for gel manicures, pedicures, massage, facials, body wraps, brow wax, well — just name it and I’ve probably had the treatment. If you’re looking for a steam room, sauna, locker room and a huge, anonymous waiting room, you won’t find it here. What you will get is personal attention, people who try to give the best services they can, and that bounce in your step when you leave because you know you were pampered. Isn’t that what we all want when we take ourselves for a spa treatment?”
– Gaylin L.