Shellac will bring the manicure back!

Shellac will bring the manicure back!

Shellac will bring the manicure back!

So this has been around for a bit but I am just bringing it into Spa Noir February first, and I am SO obsessed!

This is a nail polish/gel hybrid, made by Creative Nail Design.  It goes on like a nail polish, but cures to a shiny hard surface in minutes, and lasts 14 days or longer!

So many of my clients love the look of a manicure, but let’s face it, if you cook, clean, wash, peel price tags off, or pretty much live, polish does not last too long. Shellac will change that! I am am on day 11 of my Shellac manicure and it looks EXACTLY like it did on day one! This is coming from a spa owner whose hands are constantly being washed and sanitized!

As if the durability is not enough, it dries instantly! This means you can reach in your purse and grab your keys right away! I honestly do not think there is as much a need for it on the toes since a pedicure’s polish last so much longer except for when you forget your flip flops and do not want to run around Belltown with disposable slippers. You can put shoes and sock right back on!

Up until now a bride would have squeeze a manicure in right before the big day to make sure it lasted. Now this could be done a week or more ahead of time! This goes for any big event.

A few more great details:

-non toxic

-no damage to the nail bed with application or removal

-great for strengthening weak nails

-great colors and more coming in March 2011

-will only be an additional 7.00 to any nail service

I really feel this will bring back the manicure!


Jessica Norton


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