Red Light Therapy Facials – Magic for Your Seattle Skin

Red Light Therapy Facials – Magic for Your Seattle Skin

Red Light Therapy Facials – Magic for Your Seattle Skin

Red light therapy is a non-invasive technology designed by acclaimed dermatologists that delivers low-level pulses of LED light to the skin to produce healing and anti-aging effects. Red light therapy was actually first researched by NASA. They found deep red light therapy could reverse some of the signs of aging. NASA also found it was an effective treatment for tissue damage, nerve damage, chronic and acute pain, minor joint pain, muscle pain, high blood pressure and even arthritis. The amazing red light gets absorbed into tissue and blocks pain transmitting chemicals. In today’s blog post, we are going to focus on using red light therapy in facials and all the wonderful things it can do for your skin. There is also blue light therapy which is helps some emotional disorders and is great for acne, which we will cover in a future blog post.

This natural infrared light gets absorbed deep into your tissue which activates the creation of endorphins which stimulates cell regeneration. There is no UV light in this therapy. I get asked this question a lot, so I want to make sure you understood this upfront. Red light therapy is natural light and causes natural reactions. Red light causes a reaction that promotes collagen regeneration that removes wrinkles, fine lines and some age spots. It can also help decrease the visibility of pores.   This collagen regeneration also makes the skin plumper, smoother, toned and more radiant. After I started red light therapy, my husband actually noticed and told me my cheeks looked plumper. And I hear the same comments from many of our clients that have had our red light therapy facials.

Red Light Therapy for Sun Damaged Skin

Red light therapy facials also do a great job of reducing the effects of sun damaged skin.  The red light stimulates the collagen synthesis which improves the appearance of weather skin from too much UV ray exposure. The collagen production improves the skins supportive structure to help combat the effects of sun rays. From a wrinkle reducing standpoint, deep red light therapies that are used during facials have great impact.

Red Light Therapy for Rosacea

Red light therapy facials are also helpful for those suffering from rosacea, which is a chronic inflammatory skin condition. Most people who think of Rosacea associate it with redness of the face. However it is much worse than a red face, it is nerve damage to your face. If left untreated, it can limit people from being in the sun, eating certain foods and living a normal life. It’s estimated 13 million Americans suffer from Rosacea and most don’t know it. The good news is red light therapy has proved very effective in treating Rosacea. If you got redness in your face or consistently get a flush or blushing look, red light therapy facial could help remove the redness.

If you haven’t heard of red light therapy before, you are probably wondering if it is FDA approved. The answer is yes! Red light therapy lamps have been approved by the FDA for the treatment of acne. It seems the FDA jury is still out on replacing tanning bed lights with red therapy lights.

The best parts about red light therapy facials is they are pain free, quick and require no down time like more invasive wrinkle reducing treatments. There are also immediate results, so getting red light facial before a wedding or big event is a great option for trying to look your absolute best.

Spa Noir Red Light Therapy Options

Spa Noir has offered Eminence LED Red Light Therapy to our Seattle clients for about two years now. Our clients that start with the LED are truly hooked. So how do you get started? To get the maximum results from red light therapy, a series (4-6) of treatments scheduled no more than ten days apart is the way to go. To maintain results, a red light treatment should be booked every 60-90 days.

We combine the red light therapy with a gentle exfoliation and follow it with a concentrated serum. A series of six is just $325, which is much less than more invasive treatments that have similar results. You can also buy a single treatment for $65 or add red light therapy to one of our facials for $45.  Click here to see all Spa Noir’s Skin Renewal Treatments.

Spa Noir Instant Gratification Package

Instant Gratification is something we encourage when a client would like a treatment to get immediate results, firm skin, even skin tone, pore refining-but without anything that may cause temporary irritation to the skin-extractions, more intensive peels etc. The package combines a light peel, Eyebright Treatment and the Enzymatic Lip Exfoliation with the red light therapy. This winning combination is an immediate pick-me-up, providing you with a radiant glow! This is highly recommended for brides or right before any big night out. A single treatment is available for $85.

For any questions, feel free to call Spa Noir or leave a comment below. I’m happy to answer all your questions on red light therapy or skin renewal.


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