Fall is the time to make it right with your skin!

Fall is the time to make it right with your skin!

Fall is the time to make it right with your skin!

Sunscreen, wind, bar-b-ques, swimming…..these are some of the best things of summer, but by the end of the season they can do a number on your skin. This is the time of year when your skin could really use a deep cleaning. And I don’t mean it in the traditional sense of just tons of extractions.

Reapplying sunscreen is a must when you are enjoying the summer months, but that mixed with the dehydrating sun, wind, and in many cases alcoholic beverages can leave you with a mucky feeling on the surface of your skin. Because of that I usually do a more aggressive facial than usual, within the confines of each individuals’ skin of course. This usually includes a physical exfoliant (a gentle scrub or polish) followed by an appropriate peel. Depending on the client that could be an enzyme which only digests the very top, flaky skin, and is great for a more sensitive thin skin or a glycolic acid, which actually loosens the fatty acids which bond the skin cells together. This goes a little deeper and is perfect for a thicker, sun damaged or oilier skin type.

Then it is on to extractions and most folks will have many more than usual due to all of the elements we have discussed above. Sometimes a bit tender, but most clients(as well as the technicians!) would be oh so disappointed if this step wasn’t in there. Afterwards CALM! BALANCE! RESTORE! We just put your skin through a lot of action and we want it to love us when I am through.One of my favorite add ons is some red LED which calms the skin and encourages healthy skin, followed by a rich soothing mask and massage. Massage feels wonderful but also encourages healthy circulation. That alone is important for your skin’s health but an added benefit is that at the end of a facial it can help the redness and blotchiness disappear.

Home care can be switched up a bit at this time as well: -Night treatments with glycolics and retinols are something I recommend adding in at this time. Great for sun damage, dehydration, and optimal moisture retention. – Possibly switching to a creamy cleanser. -Still use SPF during the day, but switching to a more moisturizing base -Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant, one of my favorite products for all skin types! Very very gentle exfoliation that can be adjusted for every person’s unique needs.

I recommend a facial on a regular basis. Once a month is awesome and so relaxing. Your skin will not have such a challenge adjusting to seasonal changes since we are always on top of it. Alas that is not always in every clients time or financial budget. Four times a year will still make a difference. Scheduling it with the seasonal changes is best since that is when our skin goes haywire and a product revamp may be necessary. Think of it along the lines of a dental cleaning- you can take great care at home, but a professional visit makes all the difference in the world!


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